No Wagon For Mr. A’s Session | Suffolk Teen Photograper |

It seems that not too long ago, Mr. A was just learning to walk, chasing Leroy the orange cat, and riding in a red wagon.  Now he’s a young man who enjoys drawing, hanging with his friends, spending time with family, shopping – I believe he can find a deal with his eyes closed.  He’s a smart young man. He loves animals and aspires to be a veterinarian. There’s no more red wagon… he’s DRIVING now…and with begging and bribery I couldn’t convince him to take a photo in the wagon.  HAHA!  He’s a cool teen – No more little guy.    Time does fly! I’m so happy I was able to photograph Mr. A during his summer break.  Mr. A – I hope you’re off to a wonderful school year!

11th Grade – Here He Comes! (I’m loving the Chucks!)

And YES… sometimes he does forget that he’s supposed to be a tough guy and he SMILES.  He has a beautiful smile.  🙂

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