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Mr A | Suffolk, VA Senior Photographer |






Miss A – She’s Starting a New Chapter | Suffolk,VA Teen Photographer |

Meet Miss A. I recently had the honor of photographing this beautiful young lady. Yep… she’s gorgeous and if you ask the person closest to her you’ll find that She’s also smart, confident, dedicated, and loyal. Miss A is a cheerleader, dancer, singer and she even plays the violin which means that she’s organized, creative, outgoing, and very well rounded. This girl is on FIRE and it’s just the beginning of her high school career. She’s jumped in with both feet and she’s continuing to make those who love her very proud. I’ll for sure be looking forward to hearing about Miss A’s great endeavors and accomplishments. Miss A – May success and a smile always be yours!

















No Wagon For Mr. A’s Session | Suffolk Teen Photograper |

It seems that not too long ago, Mr. A was just learning to walk, chasing Leroy the orange cat, and riding in a red wagon.  Now he’s a young man who enjoys drawing, hanging with his friends, spending time with family, shopping – I believe he can find a deal with his eyes closed.  He’s a smart young man. He loves animals and aspires to be a veterinarian. There’s no more red wagon… he’s DRIVING now…and with begging and bribery I couldn’t convince him to take a photo in the wagon.  HAHA!  He’s a cool teen – No more little guy.    Time does fly! I’m so happy I was able to photograph Mr. A during his summer break.  Mr. A – I hope you’re off to a wonderful school year!

11th Grade – Here He Comes! (I’m loving the Chucks!)

And YES… sometimes he does forget that he’s supposed to be a tough guy and he SMILES.  He has a beautiful smile.  🙂

My mission is complete! | Suffolk, VA Family Photographer|

You may remember this post where I said I wasn’t quite finished my mission.  Well I did it and now I’m sharing.   This man has done so many great things and holds many titles, with one of the greatest being grandfather.   I’m proud to say that this man is my very own grandfather.  He wasn’t exactly expecting to have his photo taken, but when I saw him all dressed up, there was no way I was going to let him get away without me getting a photo.  It’s just one, but I am so happy to share this image of him.

Happy Birthday Mrs. W! | Windsor, NC Photographer |

It was such an honor to photograph Mrs. W who is celebrating her 87th birthday! That’s right…. I said 87!   Look at her? Isn’t she beautiful? Don’t let the numbers fool you – no-no. She is as vibrant as she looks in these images. Mrs. W had grand birthday celebration with her friends and family.   Happy Birthday Mrs. W!

She’s all checked in…. |VA Young Adult |

In to her new COLLEGE DORM room that is!  I remember that day.  So many emotions – but what a new exciting chapter to live!  Miss S is such an amazing young lady and she will surely go far in all of her endeavors.  It was so much fun working with her.  It was a  perfect Sunday afternoon on the small downtown streets.  No crowds, no traffic, and it wasn’t too hot!   She was the perfect model and I could have photographed her all day.  Ms. S – I hope you’ll enjoy your sneak peek.

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Moving on Up! | Charlotte, NC Teen |

This young man is moving on up – to HIGH SCHOOL!  He’s hip, cool,  and smart.  I had so much fun just hanging out with him during this session!   Big things are in store for Mr. A.   Watch out – Here he comes!

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What a Weekend!!! – | Winston Salem, NC Photographer’s Meet-up |

I’m still on a high from such a great weekend spent with some AMAZING  photographers from various parts of the US.  Despite being drenched on our 1st day of shooting, we had a BLAST.   Downtown streets, a swanky loft, beautiful gardens,  fields of wild flowers and  gorgeous models made this all the more perfect.   The days were long and the nights short, but we had fun and learned so much from each other.  Now that I’m finally caught up on sleep, I’m ready for another meetup.   Thank you to the ladies who made this all possible!

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