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Hugs, Giggles, and Love | Suffolk, VA Family Photographer |

An unseasonably warm evening in November and a beautiful location were perfect for this amazing session. There were lots of giggles, love, hugs and big smiles. Handsome Little Mr. X wasn’t camera shy at all and he and his beautiful mommy’s love definitely shined during this session. There is nothing like the love between a mother and a son! Thank you L and X for letting me capture just a little bit of your love on that warm November evening.

Family Is Forever | Suffolk, VA Family Photographer |

I’m so excited to share this beautiful family with you.     A gorgeous family, and a perfect location on a beautiful evening! ………and mosquitos!  Lots of them!!! But even those pesky creatures didn’t prevent us from getting beautiful photos.  We sang, clapped, and did all kinds of silly things to entertain Little Miss B and her sweet baby brother Mr. J.  I’m no singer, but can spout off the tunes to Elmo’s world and a few other kiddie songs.  I found out though that it was the actual MUSIC from a nearby family event that got Little Miss B really moving and smiling :-)…. and Little Mr. J – well he was showing off his fancy new walking skills and enjoying being out and all the little treasures to be found on the ground.   I’m happy that I was able to photograph this beautiful family and would like to welcome them to the area!




And because I love that it doesn’t always take a big smile to make a BEAUTIFUL image – one more of Little Miss B.

No Wagon For Mr. A’s Session | Suffolk Teen Photograper |

It seems that not too long ago, Mr. A was just learning to walk, chasing Leroy the orange cat, and riding in a red wagon.  Now he’s a young man who enjoys drawing, hanging with his friends, spending time with family, shopping – I believe he can find a deal with his eyes closed.  He’s a smart young man. He loves animals and aspires to be a veterinarian. There’s no more red wagon… he’s DRIVING now…and with begging and bribery I couldn’t convince him to take a photo in the wagon.  HAHA!  He’s a cool teen – No more little guy.    Time does fly! I’m so happy I was able to photograph Mr. A during his summer break.  Mr. A – I hope you’re off to a wonderful school year!

11th Grade – Here He Comes! (I’m loving the Chucks!)

And YES… sometimes he does forget that he’s supposed to be a tough guy and he SMILES.  He has a beautiful smile.  🙂

Super Baby G Turns 1 !!! | Suffolk, VA Children’s Photographer |

It’s hard to believe that I did Super Baby G’s newborn session almost a whole yr ago.   Time sure does fly. Super Baby G’s nursery theme was Super Heros and  He is indeed a super little boy!    Always smiling, he’s his daddy’s boy, his mama’s sweet baby, and he and his sister love each other to pieces. He has such a calm demeanor – watching, learning, and taking in everything.  Super Baby G has the power to make anyone who meets him smile.  His session was perfect – There were lots of smiles, kisses, and he showed off his new walking and climbing skills. He went from Super Hero to super SWEET cake baby, to all cleaned and suited up and resembling a mini version of his daddy.  I still can’t believe that he’s 1!  Happy Happy 1st Birthday Super Baby G!  Mmmmuaahhh!

M.E. is Turning 3!!! | Suffolk, VA Children’s Photographer |

And this is serious! You only turn 3 once and it is a BIG DEAL.  The festivities have already begun, but this beautiful  little lady is all geared up and excited for her BIG day.  She’s got her crew working hard to make sure that all of the details are taken care of.    Invitations sent out – CHECK,  Headcount for final attendance – CHECK,  Party food and entertainment booked – CHECK….. and of course you know she has a cute outfit already lined up.  I told you – THIS IS SERIOUS!   To know M.E. is to love her.  Her sparkling personality will win your heart and any conversation with her will leave you wanting to know more.  This beautiful little lady is as sharp as a tack and as sweet as sugar.


To read some AWESOME stories about M.E. and her family’s journey check out Chocolatemother’s BLOG .    To see the beautiful Little Miss M.E. just scroll down!

All Dolled Up | Suffolk, VA Children’s Photographer |

I recently had the great honor of photographing 14 little ladies and their beautiful moms at their Mother Daughter Tea Party.  These little ladies are on a mission and well on  their way to making the world a better place.  They are Daisy’s and Brownies –  the sweetest little Girl Scouts!  They’re already learning about the fun, friendship, and power of girls working together.  On this very special night, they were enjoying their very own tea party.  14 pretty little girls and their beautiful moms all dolled up and enjoying food, entertainment, crafts, and TEA of course.  It was a beautiful occasion and I’m excited to share images of these beautiful ladies!

My mission is complete! | Suffolk, VA Family Photographer|

You may remember this post where I said I wasn’t quite finished my mission.  Well I did it and now I’m sharing.   This man has done so many great things and holds many titles, with one of the greatest being grandfather.   I’m proud to say that this man is my very own grandfather.  He wasn’t exactly expecting to have his photo taken, but when I saw him all dressed up, there was no way I was going to let him get away without me getting a photo.  It’s just one, but I am so happy to share this image of him.

Little Miss M’s First Christmas! | Suffolk, VA Infant Photographer |

At just over 4 months old, Little Miss M was all smiles for her holiday photos!  I was excited when her parents called me to do a session with this gorgeous little lady.  All of her smiles, laughs and watching her mom and dad as they sing songs, clap, and do baby talk with their little love made this an awesome session.  I was loving all of the super cute outfits that mom and dad bought along for her and the fact that she didn’t even seem bothered by being changed numerous times.   After photographing Little Miss M, it was time for her family to join her for a few shots of them together.  They were SHARP I tell you – S.H.A.R.P!!!   You must see for yourself!  It was truly a pleasure photographing this beautiful family.

Strong and Mighty he will be! – Baby J | Suffolk, VA Infant Photographer |

Meet Sweet Baby J.  This little guy with those gorgeous bright  eyes has a BIG name that means Strong and Mighty.  I love it!  At just 3 months he’s taking in the world around him and learning new things daily.  I truly enjoyed photographing this little guy and his beautiful family. S and  L I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Baby D is Here! | Suffolk, Va Newborn Photographer on the Road – Winterville, NC|

Welcome to the big world Baby D!   He’s adorable, sweet, perfect, precious, cute, beautiful, handsome………and I could keep going on.   When I caught my 1st  glimpse of this little guy he was resting so peacefully on his Daddy’s chest where I suspect he’ll spend many more precious moments like this and his Mommy is JUST GETTING STARTED with all of the love, snuggles, and kisses that she’ll give her little love.  I must mention that Baby D is a  FIRST!   He’s their first child and the first grandchild on BOTH sides of his family.  You know what that means… Lots of extra, extra, extra special love and attention.  Congratulations D and K!  It was such a pleasure photographing your sweet baby boy.